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    Which Ultraswing fits my rig

    Full-size trucks: The Mega-Fit is ideal for full size trucks. It allows you to drop your tailgate with the UltraSwing open to 90 degrees. The Multi-Fit will also work, but is 4" narrower and 3" shorter. If you are running 35" or larger tires we highly recommend the Mega-Fit instead of the Multi-Fit.

    a truck with large tires

    Mid-size trucks and SUVs: The Multi-Fit is the best option for most mid-size trucks including Tacoma, Colorado, all Subarus, Lexus GX, Land Cruiser 80/100 Series, Rav4 and more. (Note: the 200 Series Land Cruiser is NOT compatible with any UltraSwing version)

    Vans: The Mega-Fit was designed specifically to meet the fitment demands of large vans like Sprinter, Transit, and Promaster.

    4Runners: For 5th Gen 4Runners or 4th Gens with the V6 hitch (it's the same hitch found on all 5th Gens) we recommend the 4Runner UltraSwing. It sits 1" closer to the vehicle than the Multi-Fit and allows for mounting a Hi-Lift jack vertically. For all other generations of 4Runner (1st-3rd Gen or 4th Gens with a V8 or aftermarket hitch) the Multi-Fit is the correct option. (Note: The 5th Gen 4Runner version is not compatible with any other vehicle due to the latch hitting either the tailgate when dropped or the backside of the bumper, not allowing you to open the carrier.)

    a white truck with a large tire

    Do you have an aftermarket bumper?
    In general, UltraSwings are NOT compatible with high-clearance aftermarket bumpers with an integrated hitch. Email support@rigdsupply.com a photo of your rig's bumper to confirm.

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