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    How much should I tow with an Ultraswing

    The UltraSwing has been tested in a tow rating facility at over 20,000 lbs pull force and 10,000 lbs downward force. Does that mean you should go hook a space shuttle up to the UltraSwing on your Subaru and drive up the Grapevine? NO! You should not! 

    How much should I tow with an UltraSwing?

    Reduce the Vehicle's Hitch Capacity by 50% 

    First off, mounting anything to your vehicle's hitch, whether it's an 8" hitch extension or an UltraSwing, you should reduce your vehicles maximum tow capacity by 50%. Why? Because compounding leverage.

    Since using an adapter (or a hitch extender) lowers the maximum capacity of your trailer hitch, you need to be aware of the new maximum trailer weight and tongue weight your trailer hitch can safely tow. Use the following information to calculate your new towing capacity when using an UltraSwing as well as any additional extensions or adapters needed.


    Your new maximum gross trailer weight (GTW) is the LOWEST of the following:

    • 50% of the Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) rating of the trailer hitch (if the trailer hitch GTW rating is 3000 lbs, this number would be 1500 - half of 3000 lbs.).
    • The vehicle's towing capacity as stated in the vehicles owner's manual (let's use 2000 lbs as an example here).
    • the UltraSwings's maximum trailer weight rating (10,000 lbs)

    So in the above example, the LOWEST weight is 1500 lbs, so do NOT attempt to tow anything weighing over 1500 lbs.


    Your new maximum tongue weight (TW) is the LOWEST of the following:

    • 50% of the tongue weight (TW) rating of the trailer hitch (if the trailer hitch TW rating is 400 lbs, this number would be 200 - half of 400 lbs).
    • the UltraSwing's maximum tongue weight rating (1,000 lbs)

    So in the above example, the LOWEST tongue weight is 200 lbs, so do NOT attempt to tow any trailer that puts MORE THAN 200 lbs of weight on the tongue.

    In this combination of tow vehicle, trailer hitch, and hitch adapter you can tow any trailer that weighs 1500 lbs or less AND places 200 lbs or less weight on the tongue. Anything heavier than that would be unsafe with this combination of vehicle, trailer hitch, and adapter. 


    Always Use Safety Chains 

    Always attach safety chains between your vehicle and your trailer and cross them under the tongue of the trailer so that the tongue will be less likely to drop if the trailer should separate from the hitch. Leave enough slack in the chains so you can corner without the chains impeding the movement of the trailer. Do not allow safety chains to drag on the ground.

    Towing is Not the Same as Recovery

    a machine on the snow

    If you are in need of a recovery point, the UltraSwing has a straight pull rating (like pictured above) of 10,000 lbs. However, your recovery rating is limited to the weakest link of your system. In this case, the Factor 55 HitchLink is rated to 9500 lbs, the soft shackle has a 30,000 lbs minimum breaking strength, and the UltraHook as a max rating of 16,000 lbs. So the HitchLink is the weak link in this scenario. (Note the winch in this scenario has a max line pull of 10,000 lbs as well)

    Still Have Questions?

    If you're unsure about any towing or recovery ratings related to your vehicle and the UltraSwing, don't hesitate to call or email us. (07) 5500 0095 info@rigdsupply.com.au